Fruit2Work logo overlaying a photo of a Fruit2Work employee packing fruit boxes


What is Fruit2Work?

Fruit2Work is a social enterprise which delivers high quality and personalised fruit and milk to workplaces in and around Melbourne's CBD and metropolitan areas.


We do this by providing meaningful employment opportunities for those who are impacted by the justice system, giving them a chance.


Our employees are able to gain important skills and experiences to reset their lives, get on the road and regain their place in the community.


Our Impact

At Fruit2Work we create jobs by providing a real service, allowing our employees to turn their lives around and avoid the potential social impact costs of at least $500,000 per person.


Nearly half of the people released from prison today will reoffend and return to prison in less than 2 years.


By giving meaningful employment opportunities we reduce the rate of recidivism by at least 75%


Interested in our Purpose?

If yourself or your company are interested in ordering Fruit and Milk that goes directly toward a social purpose. Please feel free to fill out our quote form below.


By supporting our social enterprise, you are helping former offenders gain employment and get their lives back on track.

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